Drive Lube Free Chain

Tsubaki’s Lambda Chains were the first in the industry to use a special oil-impregnated bush. Since their launch in 1988, they have been adopted for diverse industries and applications, and their performance has been highly rated. Tsubaki has a wide line-up of lube-free, long life products that help customers reduce costs.

Technical Evolution
As a pioneer in the lube-free chain market, Tsubaki will reveal some of the key elements behind Lambda’s outstanding performance:

Sintered Bush
The 6th generation of Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free chain is supplied as standard with NSF-H1 food grade lubricant impregnated bush. This makes Tsubaki Lambda Chain series perfectly suitable for applications in the food industry. Bushes impregnated with H3 certified lubricating oil are available on request.

Easy Cutting
BS Lambda chain can be disassembled quick and safely with an original Tsubaki Chain Tool without damaging the bushes (RS08B-LM-1 to RS16B-LM-1).

For standard situations, Schiki can provide you with three outstanding roller chains from TSUBAKI:

  • BS Lambda Lube Free
  • BS X-Lambda Lube Free
  • ANSI Lambda Lube Free

BS Lambda Lube Free

The product is available in chain sizes from RF06B up to RS24B. Simplex and duplex and triplex executions are at your disposal.
We are proud to introduce the 4th generation, enhanced BS/DIN European premium chain.


BS X-Lambda Lube Free

Technical Evolution of BS X-Lambda BS X-Lambda chain is a quantum leap for power transmission technology. The basic BS Lambda components (a special coated pin and NSF-H1 food grade oil-impregnated sintered bush) come completed with special felt seals (patent pending) between inner and outer link plate that lock in lubrication while keeping dirt and abrasives out.


ANSI Lambda Lube Free

Pursuing the ultimate in quality, Tsubaki has created the world’s highest standard of roller chain.

The product is available in chain sizes from RS40 up to RS140. Simplex and duplex and triplex executions are at your disposal.


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