Carton, Paper & Packaging Materials

Corrugated Board

Modern high performance corrugators produce very large volumes. Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers and End Users choose Schiki belting solutions for their reliability and safe processing.
We offer heavy-duty Modular Belts for paper-reel handling, process belts for use on corrugator machines, Modular Belts for stack transportation systems and industry-specific process belts for converting.

Corrugator – Paper Supply

Paper-reels are moved to the Corrugator, where the process of corrugating starts. Modular belt provides the reels to the unwinders.

Modularni trak

 Corrugator – Bridge Riser / Incline Conveyor

This high-speed (up to 400 m/min) process involves lifting freshly glued, single-faced web to the bridges. For this step, belts are often paired in a ‘sandwich’ construction.

Dvig sveže lepljenih trakov

 Corrugator – Cut-off Section

This process involves precise product positioning onto and downstream break conveyor belt; perforated, friction-resistant and wear-resistant belts and vacuum-system slider beds are used for faultless sheet control.


 Internal Transport Logistic System

The transport of the stacks from the stacker belt can be done with belts that increase efficiency and reduce both waste and the risk of worker injury.



(Pre-)feeders deliver a continuous supply of sheets for further processes; among other machines, they feed into Flexo Folder Gluers and case makers.


 Folder Gluer for Corrugated Converting

Blanks are fed into the machine and moved through it by means of transport and folder gluer belts.

Transportni trakovi za transport surovin

Carton & Box Folding

In the Box Folding Industry, it’s about precision, speed, durability and reliability.
To support performance like that, you need the right belt for the right application.
Folder and carrier Flat belts have industry-focused features like carboxylate rubber covers (to prevent slippage and ink contamination) and polyamide foil tensile members (for edge stability and high flexibility).

Folder Gluers

The folding section requires special belts for an accurate fold of the blanks. Ammeraal Beltech Folder Gluer Belts have positive grip surfaces to eliminate slippage and jams.

Transportni trakovi in jermeni

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