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Plastic Chains

Plastic Chains are a light-weight yet strong and silent alternative to Steel Chains. Plastic Chains are used in many industries; mainly in the Food and Packaging Industry for conveying of various container types.

Our Plastic Chains are available for both straight running and side flexing applications. Side Flexing Chains are available in Tab, Bevel and Magnetic formats to suit different curve holddown systems.

Slat Top Chains

Slat Top Plastic Chains are a type of conveyor chain used mainly in the Food and Packaging Industry for conveying of various container types. We offer a very wide range of types and sizes, these are grouped into diffrent sub-type families.

These chains are produced to international dimension standards which are commonly used throughout the industry.


Snap-On Chains

Ideal for the Beverage, Container (bottles, cans) and Packaging Industry.
Snap-On Chains are designed with overlapping flights assembled on special roller chains with extended pins. This is an advantage at high speeds as it reduces noise levels.

Overlapping flights are an advantage where people work at tray conveyors; they ensure there are no vertical gaps between the flights so nothing can get caught.
All Snap-On versions can be delivered either with a stainless Steel Chain (SS304) or a carbon Steel Chain.


Case Chains

Comprehensive range of universal Case Chains. Mainly used for case / crate handling.

Product features:

  • High working load capacity
  • Industry standard dimensions
  • The world’s largest chain range with various accessories

Multi Flex Chains

Comprehensive range of universal Cardanic Chains. Used for bottle, carton and packaged products transportation.

Product features:

  • High working load capacity
  • Small turn radius
  • Industry standard dimensions

Gripper Chains

Range of Side Flexing Gripper Chains. Used for gripper elevators and container inverters. Tab hold down system for conveyor curves and tracks.

Product features:

  • Integrated gripper link construction
  • Advanced self-lubricating polymer flights
  • Industry standard dimensions

Low Back Pressure Chains

Used for product accumulation with low back-line pressures. Sometimes used to create gaps between conveyed products.

Product features:

  • Low rolling resistant rollers
  • Reduced product accumulation forces
  • Industry standard dimensioned base chains

Rib Top Chains

Range of Side Flexing Rib Chains.

Product features:

  • Use of finger plates possible at the drive and idler stations
  • Suitable for cans, plastic bottles, cartons

Safety Top Chains

Range of Slat Top Chains.

Product features:

  • Safety Chains preventing fingers and clothes from getting caught

Moulded Rubber Inserts

The limit for the incline of a chain conveyor without the problem of products sliding back is usually 3-4 degrees. For higher inclines, the solution is a chain with moulded rubber inserts.


Chain Belts

A range of side flexing chain belts with thicker top flight plates. These chain belts are often used together with our modular belts of same flight thickness.

Product features:

  • Heavy duty thick top flights
  • Flat profiled top surface for best transported product stability
  • Advanced self lubricating polymers

Steel Chains

Slat Top Steel Chains are used mainly in industries involving glass containers. Slat Top Steel Chains are strong chains and suitable for applications running at high-speed.
Broken glass will not affect the function of the chain.

Classic Range


  • Hardened carbon Steel Chains
  • Ferritic stainless Steel Chains
  • Austenitic stainless Steel Chains

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