Automotive Production

Everything for the Automotive Industry, from Press Shop to End of Line Inspection and all your other belting needs throughout the manufacturing process – we have the right belting solutions for your needs.
The End Users and Original Equipment Manufacturers we work with enjoy all the advantages of Belt staffed with experienced innovators and an extensive service network.


For this initial process step flat metal is formed into shaped panels by use of tools and dies. We have powerful flat belts to drive your presses, a full range of Timing Belts for accurate positioning and Synthetic Belts with all types of top covers for safe and reliable transport.

Transportni trakovi in jermeni za prebijanje

Skid and Pallet Conveying

For cross transfer, long track conveying systems or full moving floors, strong and reliable belting solutions are needed to avoid unscheduled downtimes and to lower total cost of ownership.

Tekoci trakovi za transport palet in sani

People Mover Conveyor

In an environment where worker health and performance are essential, conveying workers during their assembly and inspection activities provides a very ergonomic and safe working environment.
Pulsation free, ESD safe and non-slip surfaces are important features of our belting solutions to ensure best worker conditions.

Transportni trakovi za transport delovne sile

Cars on Wheels Conveying

With cars loaded onto conveyor belts the strength and wear resistance of those conveyor belts start to play an important role. Through innovative design using FEA analysis we have selected a combination of the strongest materials and engineered belt design using insert technology, to ensure high strength and superior wear resistance.
For the workers on wide belt conveyors, a pulsation free, ESD safe and non-slip surface are additional important features of our belting solutions.

Odporni transportni trakovi za transport avtomobilov na kolesih


Across all areas of automotive production special belting needs can be handled by our belting solutions. From vacuum Timing Belts in Stamping to pedestals fixed on a Modular Belt, truck unloading and wheel conveying with roller top belts, we can use the widest product range in belting. With our innovative spirit we will find the perfect solution for you.

Transportni trakovi in zobati jermeni

Express and Full Service Carwash

Over 20 years of experience in automotive and carwash applications have enabled us to develop the best and most durable plastic modular belts to deal with intense usage and large amounts of abrasive dirt.
For express and full service detailing, we provide moving floor conveyor belt solutions featuring our unique and patented dual compound belting and hinge driven sprockets that have been proven under the harshest conditions.
Our products are the best solution to minimise your total cost of (conveyor) ownership.

Carwash Tunnel and Detailing Conveyors

With dirty cars loaded onto single or dual lane conveyor belts, durability is a key requirement. Through innovative design using FEA analysis, we have selected a combination of the strongest and most wear resistant materials and engineered our belt design using insert technology, to ensure high strength and superior wear resistance.
Combined with unique hinge driven sprockets to minimise friction at engagement with the belt at the drive shaft we create the best belting package in the business.
And…we can do all this in style! We provide various style car pushers in multiple bright colours to complement your branding.

Transportni trakovi za temeljito pranje umazanih avtomobilov

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