American ANSI Standard Attachment Chain

For standard applications, Schiki can provide you with an outstanding Attachment Chain. This chain is manufactured in accordance with the American Standards.

This chain is based on standard ANSI roller chain with attachments added for conveying.

Key Features

  • Due to the small pitch of these chains, the drive design is smaller.
  • Usually sprockets with a large number of teeth are used. The chain speed does not vary significantly as the chain engages with sprockets. With less impact, there is also less noise generated as a result of the impact between the roller and sprocket tooth.
  • These chains may be used for high speed conveyor applications.
  • A wide variety of standard and special attachments are available for this chain series.

Application Example
ANSI Standard attachment chain is used for short conveyor runs (usually less than 10 metres) and for conveying small and reasonably lightweight products. This chain is also suitable for conditions where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

Standard Product Range
The product range for our standard attachment chains is:

  • ANSI Single Pitch Standard chain + standard attachments
  • ANSI Single Pitch HP Hollow Pin chain
  • ANSI Single Pitch CU Curved chain
  • ANSI Double Pitch Standard chain + standard attachments
  • ANSI Double Pitch HP Hollow Pin chain

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