CNC razrez

In our modern production facility Schiki Belting can offer you finished cuts according on customers demands. With our modern CNC cutting machine we can cut all our materials from thicknesses 0.5 – 30 mm in width up to 3200 mm. The materials are cut from the rolls so that lengths are not limited.

In our CNC center we can offer cuts, assorted with different types of conveyor belt materials and all other materials, are designed to meet customer specifications.

Just provide us with a CAD drawing in DXF or DWG formats or send us your wishes in PFD our hand drawings and we will make your product.

We also provide our customers with special belts made by our standard production and upgrade with CNC trim, cut or milling.

Even extremes of strength, exact dimensional tolerances and surface quality specification can be catered for using our modern fabrication techniques.

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